Our History

Our History starts with the founder and head of SoftwareCaribe.

Starting in the late 90's, he was writing websites and hosting them. Then added Media to the product offerings. Last was to exploit years of programming and Database work. Followed by 6 years in the auto industry from website/inventory to actual sales (Master Certified Ford Sales) and management of a pre-owned auto lot.
After this, there was a void in digital documents (over the web) and much double inventory entry with dealer websites. Specific was an issue of digital (web based) Auto Leasing and Auto Rental Contracts. We solved that problem and made it easy for ANY size Auto Dealer or Wholesaler.
Best of all - it was VERY CHEAP to deliver!


Complete Solutions FOR Pre-Owned Auto Dealers and Wholesalers.

Digital Contracts, Stock in Vehicles from the Auction, Enter Buyer Info from the Lot, and save a digital copies as a backup and record keeping.

Access your Dealership info from any web device 24/7.
Add/Change from any web device.
Auto Inventory same as shown on your website. Even if you do not use our website service!
Since all is web based, and, we wrote it, a website for your dealership will integrate seamlessly into all our products!

Our Products

Digital Documents - From basic State Mandated Sales Contracts to Pre-Owned Leasing to full sale paperwork for your Buyer.

Auto Inventory and Buyer/Prospect.
With powerful and simple Tools to use on a mobile device through the Sales Computer.

Websites - simple to have and easy Inventory Control.

Custom Dealer Solutions - Media, DMS, CMS, Website, and Sales Process - built to YOUR needs.
At prices starting at $1,995.00USD!

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